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People - Dr. Owen Molloy

+353 91 524411 ext 3330
email: owen.molloy@nuigalway.ie
url: http://www.it.nuigalway.ie/~o_molloy/

Dr. Owen Molloy is currently a College Lecturer in the IT Centre, NUIG. His special areas of interest are the Extended Enterprise and agent-based approaches to Enterprise Application Integration. His academic background spans a primary degree from NUIG in Electronic Engineering (1985), a masters degree from UCD (1987 - specialising in telecommunications) and a PhD in Industrial Engineering (NUIG - 1995) in the area of Concurrent Engineering / Design For Manufacture. Dr. Molloy's broad range of business experience includes the development of CAD interfaces in Paris, enterprise information systems with Nortel (Galway) and the management of an ERP localisation start-up in Galway. From 1990-1995 Dr. Molloy worked as an R&D project manager for CIMRU, NUIG, and managed a number of national and international industrial research projects. Dr. Molloy is the principal author of "Design for Manufacture - Concepts, Architecture and Implementation", as well as other contributed book chapters, journal and conference papers.

Research Interests
Dr. Molloy is currently managing the Enterprise Ireland Research Innovation Fund project XML Based Expert System Shell for Distributed Agent Intelligence (X-ESS), as well as being involved in the IP2000 project. He is also involved in a number of SFI, EU and ATRP proposals pending approval in the areas of Extended Product Design, Meachtronics Systems Re-Design and E-Business Enablement for SME's.

Principal Researcher on the X-ESS project
Task Manager on the IP2000 project

Principal author and editor of "Design For Manufacturing and Assembly - Concepts, Architectures and Implementation" O. Molloy, S. Tilley, E.A. Warman, Chapman & Hall, 1998.
Technical advisor on CIM Interfaces by B. Scholz-Reiter, Chapman & Hall, 1993.Book ChaptersO. Molloy, J. Browne, 'A knowledge-based approach to design for manufacture using features' in 'Handbook of Concurrent Engineering', edited by H. R. Parsaei, Chapman and Hall, 1993, 386-401.
Molloy O, Lawlor-Wright T, 'A Design Environment for Concurrent Engineering', 'Advances in Agile Manufacturing', Volume 4 in Advances in Design and Manufacturing, Ed's Kidd P T and Karwowski W, IOS Press, pp83-86.

Journal Papers
O. Molloy, O. Corbett 'Alignment of Business and IT Strategies' IT Journal, NUIG, 2000.O.Molloy, T. Luykx 'Programme Management - A Strategy for Continuous Process Improvement' IT Journal, NUIG, 2000.
O. Molloy, J. Browne, 'Design For Assembly within Concurrent Engineering', CIRP Annals Vol. 40/1, 1991, 107-110.
O. Molloy, H. Yang, J. Browne 'Feature Based Modeling in Design For Assembly' International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Vol. 6, Nos. 1 and 2, 1993, 119-125
Jagdev, H., Bradley, P. and Molloy, O. "A QFD based performance measurement tool", Computers in Industry, Volume 33, Issue 2-3, September 1997, page 357-366.

Selected Conference Papers
O. Molloy 'Feature Based Modeling in Design For Assembly', "Feature-Based Approaches to Design and Process Planning" symposium, Loughborough University of Technology, U.K. 24/25 September, 1991.
O. Molloy "DEFMAT: A knowledge based approach to Design For Manufacture", Invited paper, 3rd Eureka-Famos Advanced Course on Flexible Automated Assembly, Venice, Italy, 11-17 October, 1992.
O. Molloy, E. Warman 'Toward a System Architecture for Design For Manufacturing', Brite-Euram Workshop on Design and Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Brussels, Belgium, 17/18 November 1992.
Gallagher C, Lawlor-Wright T, Molloy O, 'Issues in the Development of Knowledge-based systems for Design for Assembly and Testability of Printed Wiring Boards', 2nd Int. Conf. On Concurrent Engineering and Electronic Design Automation, Bournemouth.
L. Mannion, O. Molloy "DEFMAT: Heuristic Manufacturability/Assemblability Analysis of a Product Design Model in a Generic Knowledge-Based Architecture". Proc. Of CEEDA'94 Conference, Bournemouth, April 1994.
E.A. Warman, O. Molloy "A Design Environment for Manufacture and Assembly". Proceedings IEE Fourth International Conference "Factory 2000: Advanced Factory Automation" University of York, 3-5 October 1994, 609-612.
O. Molloy "A Design Environment for Concurrent Engineering". Invited paper, the 1994 ORSA/TIMS, "Global Manufacturing and Global Support Services in the 21st Century" Detroit, Michigan, October, 1994.

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